A Better, Braver World for Independent Musicians

Back in the day the only way for an independent artist to get exposure was to endlessly pursue producers, promoters and record labels, hoping to get noticed. Things have changed since then and many independent artists are showcasing their talents within the numerous alternate ways available to them now. The growing popularity of the internet and its penetration has allowed independent artists to gain popularity without the help of recording labels and major producers or promoters. The internet is also a great place for artists looking to show their talents and display their art as opposed to seeking fame; the internet provides them with access to the whole world.

With websites like FaveStreet, CDBay.com artists are able to promote and sell their music online to thousands of users all over the world. Very soon members of CDBay.com will be able to distribute their music with the iTunes Store, competing with all the big names in the music world. Another advantage of displaying the music online is that listeners can rate the music, thereby enabling others to listen to the best music, chosen by the public. Therefore if an independent artist is really good, chances are, he or she will rise up through the ranks very quickly. However, the challenge is that with all these musicians providing their music online, competition is even more intensified. Thus, unlike the days sans the internet, independent artists have more of a chance popularize their music than ever before.