Michael Jackson Tribute Lineup To Be Unveiled Soon

The line-up at the Michael Jackson tribute scheduled for September 26th still remains a secret. Organizers say Jermaine Jackson, the star’s brother will hold a news conference on Tuesday, 08th September to reveal details on the cast of top entertainers. The tribute to be held outside Vienna’s former imperial Schoenbrunn Palace will see a dazzling line up of entertainers perform Michael Jackson’s greatest hits right outside the 17th century palace.

Events promoter World Awards Media GmbH on its website says, “For one incredible night Michael Jackson’s unforgettable music will be brought to life again. Some of the world’s leading artists will perform Michael’s greatest hits live in Vienna in front of one of the most fascinating historical sites in Europe and celebrate the life of the ‘King of Pop.'” The choice of venue has been a ‘much talked about’ subject, as most expected the tribute to be held in London or even a larger European capital. However, in an appearance on Larry King Live, Jermaine Jackson said the Australian capital was a ‘very dear place to Michael’.

One of Vienna’s biggest tourist attractions, Schoenbrunn, can accommodate close to 85,000 people. Grandstands for 5,000 VIP guests would be set up, while the special stage takes up the shape of a crown, with a majestic yellow edifice in the background. The event will be beamed live to over 1 billion fans around worldwide.

Having visited Vienna at least four times, starting in 1988, Michael Jackson has performed there on three occasions and once just to sightsee and shop.