Paula Abdul Leaves American Idol

When it was announced that Paula Abdul will not be returning to American Idol, the news came as quite a shock to many of the shows fans and viewers. From its first airing in 2002, viewers have watched the oft-described kind-hearted and lovably loopy Abdul judge the competition, along with the acerbic Simon Cowell and laidback Randy Jackson. Her departure leaves viewers wondering who will now let the hopefuls down easy and if the show will still have the same tone without her.

Among the many speculated reasons for Abdul’s split from the show was the rumor that she and newly added fourth judge Kara DioGuardi did not see eye to eye. However, that story has been continuously denied by all camps and the two seem to be friendly and caring co-workers. Rather, it soon became clear that money was most likely the issue.

Ryan Seacrest, the host of American Idol, recently inked a three-year $45Million contract with the show, which would be $15Million per year for Seacrest. Abdul supposedly asked for $20Million per year. However, despite her contribution to the show since its inception in the United States, she did not get it. Her pride and feelings were probably hurt more than her pocketbook and she decided to part ways with the show.

Now, Abdul is supposedly in talks with other talent competition shows, including So You Think You Can Dance. She will also keep busy with her recurring role on Drop Dead Diva and possibly a role on Ugly Betty.