Radio Online – Not Your Traditional Radio Platform

Listening to radio online doesn’t have to be as big of an ordeal as it was a few years ago. When internet radio first started, there were a very limited number of stations and finding something that you wanted to listen to required you have a very specific idea of the sounds you’re going for. Nowadays, internet radio has evolved to the point where you can have a vague idea of the type of music or styles that you want to listen to and the radio station witll work dynamically with your preferences to give you exactly what you want. You can hone your likes and dislikes as you listen and the station will learn with you to give you the songs you want to listen to.

Unlike FM radio, internet radio allows you the freedom to explore many different genres and styles at your own leisure without having to be restricted to any one particular sound or style. You no longer have to flip through a dial in hopes that something will be on that you want to listen to, you can instead pick what you want to hear and listen to it uninterrupted.

A radio station online has a lot more freedom in terms of what it can and can’t play. Instead of having to get traditional radio licenses for broadcasting, anyone with a computer can setup a radio station to listen to. offers a broad range of stations to choose from if you’re a listener and at the very least, you can find an idea of what you’d like to listen to from just browsing through all of the stations they have available.