A few tips for soundproofing your home music studio

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

There are usually two things musicians with home music studios have to worry about. The first is upsetting the neighbors with the volume of your instruments and the second is making sure no outside noise interferes with the quality of your recordings. Fortunately, there are several solutions that can solve these problems for musicians.

If you haven’t done so already, it might be worthwhile to invest in ClearSonic’s acoustic shielding booths, which help shield people outside from the loudness of the instruments while also isolating the sound inside, ensuring that your recording only picks up the sound of your instruments or vocals. Their drum shields give you enough space to fit a whole drum set inside while their vocal shields are narrower, but both can be used with any instrument you can think of.

You might also want to add sound proofing foam or acoustic foam to your walls to help dampen the sound waves that bounce off them. Not only does acoustic foam dissipate loud sounds, but it is also usually designed to improve the quality of the sound inside your studio. It comes in a variety of styles, such as the standard wedged acoustic foam, bass and broadband absorbers, and acoustic ceiling tiles for added sound absorption.

The Foam Factory has a diverse selection of acoustic foam sheets with different designs and purposes. Unlike other foams that are a fire hazard, The Foam Factory’s acoustic foam has been treated with a fire retardant for a safer sound proofing product. Contact them today for more details.