Have you listened to music online?

Article written by Live Freaky Die Freaky

The popularity of the internet has literally exploded in our faces with its multimedia offerings such as streaming radio that provide us with an interactive medium rather than just the ‘receiving’ mode that the television seems to provide us with. That’s what makes it so much fun, you know!

You can find independent radio stations or online versions of radio stations in different countries and their states as well as podcasts and music videos that not only transmit the top 40 songs of the week but also can bring back memories of the times gone by in the form of retro music.

The beauty of the internet is that one can find music in the form of streaming radio stations, videos, podcasts, torrents and P2P sites that will allow you to download mp3s and in a slew of other audio formats as well.

And all at no cost!

AOL radio, ShoutCast Radio along with a whole bunch of radio stations categorize music into their genres and playlists that are of the duration of twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. And this means that you can listen to music online anytime and anywhere.

The thing is if you haven’t listened to music on the internet, it is something that you should not miss out!