You First Studio Should Cost You Nothing

There is a good reason why your first studio should cost you nothing. It is because when you start off, you know almost nothing about the industry or how sound should be produced. Investing in expensive equipment and constructing good studio is not advisable at this stage.

Learning how to produce music is not something that can be learned in a day nor is it something that can be learned purely from a book. The process involves understanding all the technical issues associated with recording and manipulating sound. The best way to go about this is to use your home PC.

Using your home PC and the sound card it has, you can begin your venture into recording and producing music. This way your startup cost is zero. In addition to this, you can download open source audio software to keep your costs that way. Couple this with downloading some good tutorials on how to produce music and you are well on your way to becoming a part of the music industry. Granted, the quality of the material you produce won’t be mind blowing; but the knowledge you gain is the important thing here.

Once your knowledge and experience grows you can start making some purchases. Start slowly, maybe by buying a slightly better sound card, then some good microphones, good speakers, etc. The key is to do things incrementally. This way if you lose interest or are forced to switch careers, your financial loss is minimized.