The Secret to Selling Lots of Music

Digital music sales can be mind-blowing. Being a rock star is not entirely necessary. Just play, write and record your own music and you’d be amazed at the results.

People will buy music online which they find interesting regardless of the fact that free-to-download music is available. There are two things you should keep in mind to skyrocket your online digital music sales:

1. Write music that people love – This is a no brainer.

2. More products = more sales. Maintain a large catalog with over 100 tunes. It does not matter how many sales you make per tune, what matters is the total volume of sales.

Remember, fantastic websites, widespread distribution and great press are all bonuses to up your digital music sales; however, it is not everything. It is the music that counts. If you write and produce music that people like well enough to share with their friends and family, then you’ve got the right mix.

When making your music focus on the tunes and the song writing. Keep these factors in mind:

– First focus on your music and song writing.
– Next: the recording and production of the song. Have a good friend help you if you are not very familiar with the ‘how to’ aspect. It is incredibly important that sound quality of the song is up to a specific standard.
– Once you’ve produced your song, then, turn your attention to the marketing, distribution and promotion of your music. Create word-of-mouth, send around a few emails to friends, put up the link on your Facebook and Twitter account – the results will be amazing!