House Music is Here to Stay

Thud thud thud thud… that regular monotonous beat that you might hear emanating from a night club, someone’s car or even their home is the hallmark of a genre of music known as House. House Music can be described generally as music with a hypnotic nature coupled with strong beats. It is a form of electronic music.
Its origins can be traced back to Chicago and the late seventies. The origin of the name has never been nailed down properly and several theories are in circulation as to how it could have come about. One states that well known DJ Frankie Knuckles created a brand new type of music by mixing synthesized Euro Pop music with New wave, Industrial, Punk and other types of music. This new offspring was played at the club where he was DJ called The Warehouse – hence the name house music. There is also the story that the genre got its name from the many warehouse parties in the city. The there is the one that says that DJ’s created this music from their homes, because their synthesizers and drum machines were located there and that’s how the name came about.

Nothing short of a time machine can find out about the truth of the origin. However, what is apparent now is that House Music has spread worldwide. From America (where it was born) to Europe to Asia, House has become one of the most popular genres in the world. It has also evolved into many different sub genres which are too numerous to count. At the rate new artists and genres are arriving on the scene, it is safe to say that House Music is here to stay.

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