Justin Bieber Gets More Youtube Hits than Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is known for her outrageous outfits and out-of-this-world music videos that always leave mouths hanging open after a few minutes of viewing it, but apparently, it only takes a sixteen year old Canadian cutie to topple her over from being the most viewed artist on Youtube. The rumors are true, ladies and gentlemen: Justin Bieber has beat Lady Gaga and has the crown for Youtube’s most viewed video of all time. On Monday morning, Justin Bieber’s teeny bopping hit “Baby” featuring Ludacris apparently had been viewed 250.7 million times, whereas Lady Gaga’s pheonomenal hit “Bad Romance” only had 247.6 hits.

Lady Gaga’s video features bizarre costumes and half – naked dancers dancing and cavorting in what appears to be an auction for Lady Gaga. Her hair and makeup are as usual, out of the ordinary, even featuring cartoonish big eyes at one point. The video has a twisted ending, wherein Lady Gaga burns the winner of the auction in bed. It is a disturbing video, which is why it’s been viewed so frequently. But enter Justin Bieber’s pop music video, featuring a bunch of 8th graders in a bowling alley, showing off their stuff and engaging in the battle of the sexes led by Justin and the pretty girl he is pursuing. She plays hard-to-get and constantly pushes him away, but in the end they walk out of the bowling alley holding hands. “Ah, the pleasures of young, foolish love”, is what this video says. Perhaps it also says cheesy always wins over weird.

So when Justin Bieber heard about his Youtube phenomenon, he went online on Twitter to say thanks to his millions of fans for viewing his music video over and over. Bieber, who was discovered on Youtube, was thankful that people have followed his upward music career on the same website.