Music Business Scams

The music industry has enough problems with piracy as it is, what with individuals downloading music through music and file sharing, it now has to deal with scams in the industry. As an aspiring musician you need to familiarize yourself with the appropriate procedures to locate and secure legal representation as this will ensure a profitable and beneficial contract. Always make sure that you have legal representation from a reputable entertainment attorney.

Aspiring musicians are under extreme pressure to succeed in the already competitive industry and may be inclined to grab at opportunities that in many cases are at best, questionable. All songwriters appreciate hearing that their songs are the greatest and are too quick to accept the first compliment to come their way. Scam artists are constantly searching for unsuspecting victims to relieve of their funds, and they resort to procedures that are legal and involve promised musical collaboration. With promises of grandeur and fame, musicians cave under the intense pressure to succeed and hand over anything the scam artist asks for.

Another scam states that one of the musician’s song has been chosen to be on a CD compilation, and a deposit to cover administration costs would be required to start the process. If you are required to “front” money, the odds are pretty good that you are being scammed. Always remember, before going into or accepting a deal that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And finally, never sign an agreement without the advice of an experienced attorney.