Vintage Posters & Music Memorabilia

If you are a collector of rare and authentic rock & roll memorabilia, then you will love the collection of items at American Royal From autographed music memorabilia to autographed guitars to hand-signed vintage posters, the company offers a wide variety of items associated with rock and roll’s most influential bands, musicians, and entertainers.

For the true Elvis fan, American Royal Arts features some of the most unique Elvis memorabilia around, including authentic movie posters, Joe Petruccio paintings, still photographs, and rare framed albums. Joe Petruccio is a contemporary artist well known for his portraits of rock icons and sports heroes. Several of his Elvis Presley paintings are featured on the website, including his signature Rock Angel Elvis portrait and his Elvis painting on sheet music.

American Royal Arts also carries a wide variety of hand-signed memorabilia from the Beatles, including autographed vintage posters, albums, photographs, and limited edition art pieces. The collection also features several pieces solely related to John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The Paul McCartney collection currently features a black electric guitar signed by Paul McCartney himself.

In addition to offering entertainment-related art and hand-signed memorabilia, American Royal Arts is known for only selling authentic works of art. Each item is either authenticated by an independent third party or certified by a court-qualified forensic examiner. This is especially important when it comes to Elvis and Beatles memorabilia. As collectors know all too well, the Internet is cluttered with fake replicas that are being sold as authentic pieces. If you are ready to invest in authentic rock and roll memorabilia that you won’t find anywhere else, make sure you visit American Royal