Will Empire Hit Same Success as Glee?

Article Written by : MMZ Online
Empire is a hip-hop soap opera on Fox television that debut in January. It is best known for its original musical hits and roles played by Terence Howard and Taraji P. Henson. Timbaland provides original songs and music for the Empire. Many think that it competed well with the long-running Fox musical, Glee that ended on March 20, 2015. Empire is enjoying sensational rating hikes lately.

Empire may not hit the big that was achieved by Glee while it was running. Glee was a huge success during its six-year long run. Glee hit Hot 100 list many times, advanced in the Top 10 placement list and won Emmys. Glee contributed to the pop culture tremendously. Will Empire reach the same climax as Glee? For one thing, Empire audience is bit different from Glee. Empire attracts more adults than teenagers that Glee did. It is more focused on original hip-hop and R&B songs. But Empire’s biggest advantage is its original music compared to new renditions of old familiar songs of Glee. Empire is releasing its Season One top songs which will give a boost to its popularity. Watch for songs including “Keep Your Money,” “You’re So Beautiful,” and “Conqueror.”