Entertainment Law attorneys

Blog written by Barry K. Rothman.

Hiring a competent and experienced entertainment lawyer is crucial for an upcoming artist or an already established one. Entertainment lawyers specialize in a number of services, some of them include contract negotiations, infringement suits, copyright laws, etc.

In order to hire a lawyer that ticks all your boxes, consider the following:

– The lawyer’s relationship within the industry and experience: If a lawyer has worked with a number of reputed clients, he would be more likely to have stronger connections within the industry. These relationships can increase your chances of closing contracts and deals faster.

– Fees: Entertainment lawyers generally base their charges on:

1. Hourly Fees: Hourly rates can range from $140 – $450 or more.

2. Percentages: Some lawyers charge a percentage of the funds earned by the artist. Make sure you ask your lawyer how this percentage is arrived at.

3. Value Billing: Value billing means charging the client according to the contribution the lawyer makes to the contract or deal. This can be calculated either on an hourly basis or as a percentage.

Make sure you are aware of how the charges are calculated before you hire a lawyer’s services. Also, ask your lawyer if there are any additional charges like photocopying and long distance phone call chargers.

– Check reference: Once you have listed a few lawyers that you are interested in, ask them to provide you with a list of reference, and check on them.

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