Sony Music may be an unfortunate victim of Sony Studios hack attack

sony_pictures_logoNot just Sony Movies, Sony Music is also affected by the recent hacking of Sony Studios. E-mail exchanges between top level executives mocking President Obama and scathing criticism of certain film actresses brought embarrassment to them as well as the company. Many employees fear of further release of e-mails that may reveal additional sensitive information. Already released information bought some executives down to their knees and apologies were flying all over. Even though the hack attack is involved with the anticipated release of the movie, “The Interview,” many are concerned about their private information. However, when compared to its movie division, Sony Music may have fared relatively unharmed.

The biggest problems for artists are whether hackers release any of their contracts and performance riders. Beyoncé, David Bowie, Adele, One Direction, AC/DC, Pitbull, Barbra Streisand and many others hold contracts with Sony Music. Additionally, published details of employee salaries and medical records could affect some of the entertainment industry related professional staff members. Most of all, the hackers released some music related “top secret project” that involves with the music publishing division Sony/ATV, rumor about a possible sale of Sony Music.