What it takes to get signed to a record label!

The new face of Music Industry Kids!!! This is what you have to do to get signed to a label these days. Ay ay ay!!! Just when i thought we had enough of douchbags in Rock music, here comes the Black Veil Brides! God help us!!!!! LOL
Kerrang, Music Connection and all other dumb ass magzines are ravin for these guys!

The labels have become a joke, and just money making Machine, and only care about Douchbag Faggy Image bands. Music is no Concern anymore! Who cares about Music! Let’s sign all the Douchbags with Girly make ups. I wanted to give them a chance, so i took a listen. It’s just bunch of BS recycled crap! Dude what happened to the labels???? What happned to MUSIC??? We used to think the whole Nu-Metal thing was bad, but that was a Red Carpet treatment compare to what the labels sign these days!!! MUSIC IS DEAD!!! Lables are DEAD!!!!

Btw, incase you guy are wondering, these douchbags are signed to Universal Republic Records! Go Figure! LOL

Just look at MTV, VH1 and all the other crap. No more Cool bands, no more Videos, No more interesting music. This is BULLSHIT!!!! Big labels are goign the wrong path! At least in the 80’s, many of the bands were pretty OG, and they had some good music. Yeah sure later it got pretty bad, but these guys are just LAME!!! Motley Crue was 100 times cooler, and better than these guys. I heard the songs and I wanted to throw up! just plain BS.