Most Popular Music Video’s of All Time

The top picks for most favorite music video’s ever made, is probably quite controversial, depending on your taste in music. A few did stand out as some of the most watched though.

Some would consider Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller” video as one of the most popular , and although it was one of the most expensive to make, and was very popular, it wasn’t number one.

When a music company did a survey, asking which music video’s were best liked and would be most remembered, a large majority of them chose “Rabbit in your Headlight’s”, directed by Jon Glazer. It was shown in 1998. Consumers stated that they would remember it best for the powerful sense of emotion it gave them, and the message it had.

Another music video chosen by those asked in the survey, was 80’s music “Take on Me”, performed by A-Ha, and directed by Steve Barron in 1985. This was one of the first music video’s ever shown on MTV, and worked it’s way to number one shortly after being aired. It was one of the first to follow an actual story line.

Not far behind as a favorite was the video produced by Dire Straights, called “Money for Nothing”. It was made with computer programs. It apparently isn’t well known or liked for it’s graphics or story line, but for the feeling of nostalgia it gives the viewers.

A more modern music video that has become one of the top 100 favorites, is by Alicia Keys. The song title is “No One”. It was a Grammy winner and spent over four weeks on the number one billboard charts and sold more then 700,000 copies.