How To Get A Record Company To Take Notice

Are you a musician, recording artist, or in a band? You probably stare at old beatles vinyl and dream of making music and having a successful, prosperous career. Being signed by a record company, and recording record albums is probably your ultimate goal. As an artist, you most likely already know that this is much easier said than done. There are literally millions of talented musicians, singers, and bands trying to reach the same goals every single day. How do you set yourself apart, and how do you get the attention of record executives? There are a number of ways you can go about doing this, as long as you are talented and never give up.

Practice makes perfect. Your first step is to practice as much as possible and get professional training if it helps. You need to be at the top of your game no matter if you are in a band or singing solo. Know who you are, and what your sound is. Unfortunately, record companies will label you, and put you into a specific genre. They want to know that you are bankable with a certain audience, at the same time they want you to have a unique sound all your own. Work hard on training as much and often as possible. Know your weaknesses and what you need to get better at.

Networking will play a huge role in getting your foot in the door in the music industry. This means meeting people who work in it. Play as many live shows as possible and in places you know record people congregate. Do some research and find out places bands are discovered or which City record label executives often search for new talent. Interact with as many people as possible, even non-music industry people. You never know who they may know, or who they may be related too. Networking will be vital to your early success.

Have your demo ready. This will be essential when networking. You want to be able to hand out demos if anyone asks for them. You also want to be able to send demos to record companies that accept them. This demo will represent you, so you want to be sure it sounds as professional as possible. Aside from sound, it needs to look professional as well. Spend a little time and money to make some great cover art that says something about your music or your band.

Lastly and most importantly, get on the internet. There are so many platforms for artists today to get a presence, have their music heard, and market themselves to millions of people all over the world. Getting a huge following online is a sure way to get a record company’s attention. Use social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and of course YouTube. Upload videos of live gigs, your band recording, and anything you can think of to get your music scene as well as heard.

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